Family Law:

Advocates specialize in matters such as divorce, child custody, adoption, and domestic violence, providing legal representation and guidance to individuals and families facing personal legal issues.

Intellectual Property Law:

Advocates protect clients' intellectual property rights by registering trademarks, patents, and copyrights, and handling disputes related to infringement, licensing, and unfair competition.

Labor and Employment Law:

Advocates advise both employers and employees on matters such as workplace discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, employment contracts, and compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Real Estate Law:

Advocates handle legal aspects of property transactions, including buying, selling, leasing, and development, ensuring compliance with zoning laws, resolving disputes, and drafting contracts and agreements.

Civil Rights Law

RKS Legal advocates for civil rights, offering legal counsel on discrimination, freedom, and equality, ensuring justice and fair treatment prevail.

Corporate Law

RKS Legal excels in corporate law, providing expert counsel on business formation, contracts, mergers, acquisitions, compliance, and dispute resolution strategies.

Criminal Law

RKS Legal provides strategic defense and advocacy in criminal law matters, ensuring rights protection and fair representation for all clients.

Commercial Law

RKS Legal offers comprehensive commercial law services, including contract drafting, negotiation, dispute resolution, and compliance advice for businesses of all sizes.